Ruby Bridges 23-24 Student Placement Input Form

Ruby Bridges 23-24 Student Placement Input Form

The Ruby Bridges teaching staff is well-equipped to support and nurture each student in our school community. We realize that your student’s classroom placement is important and that all students have different learning styles and needs.  Our staff believes in collaboration and partnership with each family.  If you would like to make us aware of any exceptional needs or conditions that your student may have related to their classroom placement next school year, we are providing this input form. Each student in our learning community will have equitable opportunities for meaningful access to learning and social development. We will consider student learning data, classroom balance, social interactions, our observations at school, and any additional information you may share through this form as we create our classrooms for the 2023-2024 school year.   **No requests for specific teachers should be made. Specific teacher requests will not be accepted. This form is for input about your student.** Completion of this form is optional and due by June 2nd. This is not a confidential form, and it may be shared with staff.

23-24 Student Placement Input Form

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Rosa Hernandez Mix

Secretary and Registrar | Ruby Bridges Elementary  Phone:  425.408.8703  | email:  rhernandezmix​